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Use Join.Me to Train Staff and Collaborate with Customers

029th Jan 2012Online Services, Web Applications Use it with your team, griend and clients when you need to explain, debug, train or help in general.

CSS Tools for Designers and Developers

021st Jan 2012Online Services, Resources, Roundup A very useful collection of tools for CSS and not only. Take a peek, you’ll enjoy at least one of the suggestions.

Web Colorizer

021st Jan 2012Online Services Grab website, change color theme. That means good hours, now saved. Not to mention Photoshop can stay home this time

CSS Buttons with Pseudo-elements

020th Jan 2012Freebies, Inspiration, Resources, Showcases CSS3 sweeeetness, ready to rock your website. However, if your readers got browsers from last century, try selectivizr. Enjoy the taste!


019th Jan 2012Online Services If you are after a nicer looking email using good old reliable Gmail, give this one a try, it looks decent. And […]

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