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iPhone App Concept

Quick Story

I was about 5 years old when my uncle took me on my first visit at a zoo. It was a small one, just a couple of square kilometers yet it packed quite a few attractions.

My favorite was the goat: my uncle would feed him cigarettes (no filter, no worries, it didn’t do him any harm) and he would chew them in the most flegmatic and somehow distinguished way, the kind that would make me laugh at that age 🙂

Later on, after 20+ years I had the pleasure of visiting the zoo in Vienna and fully enjoyed the experience. So, I thought: why not try to improve it a bit with the help of 21st century tech ?

Client & Industry

Part of the imperial summer residence of Schönbrunn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world’s oldest zoo is indeed an unforgettable experience, and one that no visitor to Vienna should miss.

More than 700 animal species, some of them threatened, have found a home here and a chance for survival as a species.

From A as in anteater to Z as in zebra: A visit to the Schönbrunn Zoo is a tour through every continent in the fascinating world of animals. See giant pandas, Siberian tigers, orangutans, and elephants, or immerse yourself in the Amazon and experience the tropical rain forest.

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My Role

Since a I had a great time at Tiergarten Schonbrunn I thought I could enhance the live experience with a dedicated app to help guide, inform the visitors while also benefit the zoo via the call for donations and support beyond buying the ticket.


User Experience


  • no interviews with the client available (yet)
  • fading memories of the last visit, not enough to rely on in order to make the best decisions
  • no way to test the use & impact yet (but I do welcome your feedback)

Concept Highlights

  • Interactive map of the complex, with custom icons to mark the habitats and available services (entrance, info kiosk, toilets, first aid bays, drinks&food, souvenir shop, exits)
  • List of available shows (feeding times) along with the possibility to be alerted 15 min prior to a show and possibility to watch the show via webcam
  • Suggested tours, mapped and with estimated duration and possibility to book a guide or use an embedded audio guide
  • Scan QR codes to gain access to information about habitats, animals and events
  • Review photos, watch short funny movies curated by the zoo staff
  • Gamification of the scanning process: you receive a discount if you visited and scanned a code from each habitat
  • Humanize the animals by presenting them as individuals and encouraging quick donations via PayPal

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