Who’s Max?

User Experience is Communication

Ionuț Albert Maxim a.k.a. Max

After I was able to handle HTML and CSS decently I began to focus on how to best communicate beyond what I was told to publish.

Communication goes beyond delivering information: order, tone, accents gather to form an appealing universe that would turn your visitor’s interest into a newsletter subscription, a sale or at least a recommendation.

What I’m trying to say is that design, programming and marketing are merely tools to help you communicate clearly and concise, to nurture your leads and clients and get them to enjoy and further promote your brand.

While the web is a restless shapeshifter I prefer to make decisions based on analytics, surveys, A/B or MV testing and love getting a chance to use live intel from users.

I become the voice of my client’s Client and make sure they get the proper attention, balanced with the business goals of the project.

I enjoy clients that are passionate about their business and I strive to deliver a better solution than they would expect: I prefer to work with you: towards discovering the solution that helps your business grow, rather than for you: bringing to life something that may end up hurting your business.

It often happens that the solution you want implemented only manages to suppress the symptoms of a deeper pain.

Allow me to find out more about that pain and cure it properly.

I’m A User Experience Architect

My Super Powers: Thinking how things can fail so they won’t,Asking the questions that your clients would ask evetually,Connecting the dots and asking those questions