The USER design process

My goal for the past decade has been to ease the path for companies to connect with each customer on a deeper level, in meaningful ways.


The core of our collaboration


How are we doing this?

Discovery call

In person or online for 30min
We’ll discuss your goals, biggest challenges, and figure out if we’re a good match


Based on the details you shared I get back to you with a proposal in at most 48h


We discuss and sign the contract

Project set up

We set up the project in Asana, Google Drive and agree upon
the procedures for communication and validation

Process: Understanding

Why are we doing this?

Process : Strategy

How will we do it?

Process : Execution

What should we deliver?

Process : Review

Does it work? Let’s test it!


How did we do?
A short retrospective to learn from our collaboration.

Tool box

What software do you use?

Adobe XD
Google Docs


I'm your partner

I work with small and medium business owners and startups, as it allows me to focus on the core of the business, avoid organizational barriers, get rapid buy in and create an authentic and competitive product.

It’s also extremely rewarding to see almost instant results, as the work delivered can be implemented straight away. If you’re bold, invested and flexible to fine-tune the solutions, you are exactly the client I want to work with!


I've been asked

General interest

Though you’re handing me the reins, I encourage you to be as involved in the project as you want to be.

No one knows your business better than you, and by being part of the process you’ll help define the direction your company takes with its digital solution and branding.

It obvisouly depends on the complexity of the project.

The longest lasted for 9 months. The longest collaboration with a client went on for almost 4 years.

A decent duration for a small to medium sized project would average between 8 and 10 weeks.

can provide support through consulting and coaching your team, or I can take the lead, run specific research and produce workable deliverables for you.

Because I am not a visual designer, I prefer to work on projects with design guidelines in place. When I have the colors, fonts, etc to work within, I am much more confident in making complementary visual design decisions.

I value visual designers for their dedication to the latest visual design trends. I myself am more passionate about the underlying UX structure: product strategy, information architecture, and interaction design.

Before a project

No, I only say yes to projects where I know I can contribute to. See more details in the Services section.

If you’ve worked with agencies before, you can throw away all your expectations.

I am the only contact point you’ll ever have. I’ll never outsource your work. I’ll never charge you for a receptionist. I am a one-man company and I have no intention of changing that.

Flexibility and lots of communication are what smooth, successful projects are made of.

You may have hired me to craft a top-notch user experience for your product, but your experience as my client is just as important to me.

Therefore I am available to connect with your team, immerse in the company culture as much as possible.

My goal is to bring you the most value for every cent.

Sometimes that means I’ll advise you to work with someone who is at a junior level, or perhaps I’ll talk to your development team and see how we can best bootstrap solutions to lower your costs.

That being said, my MLE is 2000EUR.

During a project

I never miss a deadline.

No, really. My secret is simple: I respect the project and set aside enough time to get it done correctly. I will never give you a date that can’t be met.

That’s a two-way street, of course; I’ll rely on you to give me certain things on time so I can incorporate them into the project.

I am happy to work in house (client side or agency) as part of your team, or remotely, checking in with you over meetings.

My only limitation is my time (which is of course finite) and I am determined to ONLY take on the volume of work for which I can deliver excellent results – on time.

I am currently available to take on new projects.

At the start of any new project, I take the time to get on the same page and agree on two things: what the final product should look like, and when it needs to be finished.

After a project

I don’t disappear.

I keep in touch with you and the dev team, taking on a support role, to make sure we manage to ship successfully and on time.

But if you prefer to end the collaboration, I have no problem with that.

So, what's getting in your way?

Share your goals and challenges, I’m here to help.

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