how do we collaborate ?


Hard to earn, easy to loose

You seek the company of those you know, like and trust.
That’s why we take it one day at a time: I get to know how your business works
and you get to know how I operate. Together we begin a priceless journey.



To make sure we’re on the same page at all times


Invisible links

for a relationship

I’m not afraid to tell the truth and won’t take you as a client if I don’t feel I can provide value for you.

Also, if by any chance, I am unable to deliver in the agreed upon timeframe I will let you know in due time.

This is a two way street: I also hope you will not refrain from sharing with me what bothers you in our collaboration.

The liberty to leave a relationship often gives us the courage to make the first step.

I found a way to avoid headaches: taking it one step at a time.

If you find I’m not the right fit for your goals, culture or expectations you have the option to end the collaboration after each completed milestone.

This idea that you have in mind, this redesign that you plan are the next step that will take you close to your vision. 

You know best how your business, processes and procedures should work and your enthusiasm often translates into a fire that nobody else could ever understand. 

My fire is putting the relevant pieces, in a specific order so that IT connects your business with your customers in a meaningful way. 

I’ll be honest: I can’t guarantee it. Who can?

While I know I will contribute my best to create the premises for success, the implementation of the solution, maintaining it, intepreting the right data and acting upon it, doing it in a timely manner – they’re not exclusively up to me – it’s a team effort game.

You are improving the odds by hiring me to reduce the risk of failure by employing a process shaped and executed by an experienced professional.


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