An insight into my design

A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government


Design is about people, not technology.

Users now drastically differ from the users ten or twenty years ago. Through the years of dealing with digital devices, we have outgrown the fear of crashing a website by pushing the [Send] button. We’ve seen screen designs change the way we work, think, communicate and relate to each other. And by shaping it, I believe we are in fact shaping the future.

And that’s a responsibility we can’t afford to ignore.

I seek purpose and meaning

 In this day and age many companies build digital products just because they have the means or they think they should. Few are those that do it because it furthers their mission and materializes they WHY in a meaningful way.

Primum non nocere

First, do no harm. The customer is offering its attention, time, money and ultimately through this investment, trust. Let’s respect people using our solutions, our products. Let’s design for our users like we would like someone to design for us.

Design is about emotion

We, as product designers, should not just design experiences. We should master the craft of emotions and feelings. I’m talking about connecting to the customers that use what we create. About designing products that they actually want and need.

I work for your customers

I may have to take their side at times. What brings them value drives your ROI. The less barriers they encounter in their journey through your product, the higher the chances they will enjoy and share their pleasant experience with others.


I can’t come up with answers, alone

Most problems have more than one solution, and choosing the right one requires team work and spending time to explore the details that shape a suitable perspective.


I welcome feedback

Without it there’s no growth.  Whatever makes you growl inside, whatever you may think about me or my process, put it on the table. Discuss, ask and challenge. We may not be the right fit for each other and that’s OK. The sooner we know, the better. We act as a team and avoid sighs, ego and settling, so that quality, focus and passion would take the lead and create the premise to succeed.


We need trust to make this work

You hired me to do something you can’t do. Without trust I can’t help you achieve your goals.


I value people and culture over process

While the process brings results, the key to good design is teamwork. Clarity and buy-in. You can’t separate form and function, interface from content and tech, so bare in mind it takes a committed team to deliver a class act.


Less is more

Less features, options, visual noise means easier to use products, quicker decisions, less details to account for, leading to a pleasant experience.


I don’t aim to please, but to deliver results

My goal: surface and understand real needs and pains, fears and frustrations, develop creative solutions that bring business value and raise the quality of life for your customers.


I’d rather work with you, not just for you

I do things that you can’t. But I can’t do them without learning from you: how your business works, what value you deliver for your customers and what makes your brand chemistry unique. I account for and work around your shortcomings. That’s how we deliver results: by merging our expertise.

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