the U.S.E.R. process

Is about designing products that people actually want and need.

My design process is rooted in human cognition and behavior, and by exposing your company to fresh perspectives I aim to uncover key details that clarify your essence and bring value to your customers.

Why, you ask?

Because that means less frustration, increased loyalty, and an advocacy boost. Leading to more, customers.


Why are we doing this?

As a UX consultant, my first step is always about gaining perspective & knowledge.

I know nothing about your business. And that’s a good thing because I dig deep to gather everything that can help us craft the best possible solution.


How will we do it?

We draw insights from the research data and craft a product roadmap that solves problems like no other existing products. We choose the most effective way to solve your problem or reach your goal.


What should we deliver?

What problems do we have to solve? How should we guide the user? What should we display and in what order? What’s the best way to formulate the content? How would the whole journey look like?


Does it work? Let’s test it!

I cannot guarantee your product’s success (nobody can). But we can test and iterate it until it product-market fit is confirmed.

It often happens that the solution you seek to implement would only manage to alleviate the symptoms of a deeper pain.
Allow me to explore that pain and cure it properly.

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