Would you work with me?

You want a strategic partner

When deciding who to hire for your next project, you have endless options to choose from. So why would you hire me?

Because I’m focused on one thing: helping you achieve tangible business outcomes for your users and customers through world-class design.
Value for them becomes value for your business.

You want a designer who will take the time to understand how your business works, resonates with your goals, thoroughly maps all the available resources, and is not afraid to tell you what needs attention in order to get to the next level.

Having your head in the game 24/7 could lead to loosing perspective of what’s important and deserves to be prioritized. I can provide a fresh perspective on your operation and develop a streamlined design strategy for your product.

You are ready to play in the big leagues. Your organization is ready to grow and you feel that working with a seasoned professional is what your product deserves to  cross the chasm and mature.


When we collaborate

Custom solutions

I don’t recycle work, just knowledge gained from previous clients. Your business, goals and needs are unique. You deserve dedicated efforts, attention and a solution to match your situation.

Effective Communication

Frequent and effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful project: I make sure you’re involved in my process every step of the way.


I’m comfortable working autonomously as a studio of one, or collaboratively as part of a larger team.

Honesty & integrity

If there’s a way I can save your business money, I will suggest it. If there’s a feature I know you don’t need, I won’t try to capitalize on it.

Reliable Delivery

My top priority is making sure your project is delivered on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality.

Success, not satisfaction

Sometimes what you think you want might not be what your business actually needs. Killing ego and personal taste, I will challenge the status quo and source informed solutions.


There’s nothing worse than realizing halfway through a project that you’re executing against the wrong goals or building the wrong thing. I strive to be explicit and set clear expectations every step of the way.

User-centric design

Understanding the needs and expectations of your users, customers, and audience will inform everything we do and help us create value for them.

Value-first approach

I’ll take the time to learn and understand your business and customers, and seek creative ways to overcome your design and technology challenges.

about me

You will find out

I want to know and understand your business from a commercial standpoint, before any creative work begins. This is crucial.

That’s how I make sure the solutions I put on the table are in alignment with your business and head in the right direction.

I will reply to your e-mails, answer phone calls and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return your calls as soon as possible.

I will clarify details, discuss alternatives and explain design decisions for the solutions I provide.

I share findings and validate assumptions because without your feedback early on, a whole lotta design work could potentially fail.

We act as a one: sighs, ego and compromise leave the room so that quality, focus and passion would take the lead and succeed.

When I’m involved in projects, there isn’t an “off switch.” I’m continually thinking about ideas and solutions for your project.

I have a holistic approach, taking the necessary time to clarify a client’s vision, objectives, and obstacles to create solutions that hit the mark.

It’s important to stay focused on the objectives, but pay attention to the nuances that can take a project from good to WOW.

Courses, workshops, meetups, and conferences help me stay current and keep my design skills sharp.

Personal development programs taught me how to push my clients’ organizations closer to their brand essence and the opportunities it brings.

why not

I might be the wrong choice if you are

I do not seek employment.

As a freelancer I enjoy being in touch and delivering results for my clients while taking care of my personal well being to be able to offer the best.

Long term relationships with like minded clients and innovative yet challenging digital projects are the fuel for this business adventure that I started after 12 years of employment.

Because all you need is somebody to develop your vision.

It could be a graphic designer, a development company or a digital media agency.

And wil happily recommend you valuable professionals to help you with that.

Indeed there is now an increasing amount of talented freelancers who can make it cheaper or faster. And if price is your main concern, we’re not the right fit.

I take the time to know how your business works, how the outcomes of our collaboration would fit into your long term vision and how you can grow your client base and ensure loyalty.

Attention to details and a strategic vision are valuable. And if you plan to create somethings that ultimately drives profit, the investment you make will determine the reliability of the solution.

You “need it yesterday” or you expect “two weeks should cover it”.

Each client is unique, even if they compete on the same niche.

It takes time to get to know how your business works, what motivates your clients to buy your product and how to best help you achieve your goals. It takes time to test and come up with a reliable solution that is scalable and able to match your mission.

Beyond money, the key resource for generating decent results: time.

My main focus is on digital products, therefore I lack the experience required to provide you with value when it comes to building tangible products or services.

But I can help you convey its value to customers through a solid brand strategy in the digital media.

I aim to deliver clean and simple designs to a medium fidelity, but if you want pixels finessing, banners/ads or illustrations poured over, you’re better off with someone who masters in that space.

I don’t specialize in graphic design and you deserve quality if visuals are the core concern of your project.

I will gladly help with decent recommendations or you can look for a designer who has a beautiful-looking portfolio on a site like Dribbble.

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