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your product is not perfect

Your product is not perfect!

And it will never be, because exactly when you think you got it right, the damn rules change. Because people’s needs and expectations change. Can you deal with it? As long as you accept that, you’re in for a hell of a ride trying to reach Nirvana. Or something close to that. It’s called User eXperience […]

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UX Myth Busting Cafe

UX Myth Busting Cafe was my approach towards an open chat regarding how UX is perceived by different layers of the product/service development ecosystem, from students (interns, juniors), to developers that might have considered a leading UXD role in their teams and up to Product owners and entrepreneurs looking towards UX with a raised eyebrow. […]

Staying alive is not a soft skill

The reason I resonate with Mike is because we share of couple of common sense principles and, beyond the design professional point of his presentations, the message successfully touches other professionals and becomes inspiration if not guideline on how to deal with life’s challenges. I may be developing a mentor like admiration for Mike: he’s […]

If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time

If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time

But you learned that already, right ? A bitter-sweet paradox comes up when, at the same time you experience: A. tearful joy for having an “A-ha!” moment and solving a dilemma, thus clearing a path B. klingon anger for having the moment so far inside the project’s timeline and having to reallocate resources, reshape the budget and sell another […]

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Business. Design. Technology.

They’re all connected. Business, technology and design. They work together, it’s like a chair with three legs: if one is shorter or broken the user will fall on the floor. One ring to rule them all ? User eXperience design, of course! Smiles aside, the UX designer is somewhere in the middle, between the hammers […]

User testing

User testing is like teenage sex

User testing is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it. So everyone claims they are doing it… I know, it applies to other ideals as well (big data, internal audits, user research) but user testing is among those few that are […]

return on investment for user experience ionut albert maximreturn on investment for user experience ionut albert maxim


Do you consider it as a extra you don’t really need ? After all, you were able to make it until now, right? Is this UX thing really worth it? Neah, don’t invest in creating a great user experience! But … at least peek at you may be mising. The following is a classic for those interested in […]

Less choices empower you

The way I see it it started with CMSs. It continued with Squarespace & alikes and now, … now we have The Grid. Yo. The Grid is a whole other kind of animal, part designer, part … AI. Yes, that’s Artificial Intelligence: you have an inhouse designer slash information architect slash magician, choosing what’s best for you […]


Make it pretty!

Design is not about making things pretty. Sure, you think about the visual aspect, how it looks or feels. But the end result’s main component is not just artistic sense, inspiration and creativity. It’s also about research, rules, restraints and lots of pondering regarding the best way to present what, at first, is a chaotic […]

fun in ux

I want my share of fun!

I remember the time When I was ten childhood had a whole other set of coordinates than nowadays. Some of the regular boys’ games involved stealing green sour fruits from someone’s private garden. Or maybe a whole branch with those fruits – takes less time, you see. The gang counted five and usually, even if no german […]

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Reactive web pages

The concept refers to web pages that adjust their content and interface based on the flow and actions of its visitor, in order to improve the experience of the user and lead to increased conversion rates. Such a web page would adapt layout, content and design based on: viewing environment (type:phone, tablet, laptop, desktop; location: home, […]


How designers destroyed the world

Nope, this might not be an original bit but I find it so relevant and powerful that I had to share it in its original form. Take some time to let it sink in. Mike Monteiro makes a compelling case regarding your responsibility as a designer towards your end users, beyond what they might expect. It pertains […]


The WHY factor

It often happens that the solution you want implemented only manages to suppress the symptoms of a deeper pain. Allow me to find out more about that pain and cure it properly. That’s my two sentence pitch. But how do you find that damn “deeper pain” ? Things happen for a reason (or more), you […]