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User Research

User research is one of the more self-explanatory UX design terms. It is all the research that you conduct to understand your end user better.

Pain Points

Pain points are the problems users face that create friction in certain user flows. Once designers identify these, they can create a user-friendly design. A


Wireframes as the blueprint of a screen. They are a low-fidelity representation of a website’s layout and content. Often times they are monochrome to avoid


In software waterfall development, each phase must be completed before the next phase can begin. So, all the design would have to be completed before

User Stories

User Stories share actions different kinds of users can take in a product. The formula for user stories is simple: “As a <insert kind of

User Journey Maps

User Journey Maps are narrative documents that help us visualize the process a user goes through in order to accomplish a goal. They document the

User Interface

The user interface is a set of visual components a user needs to interact with a product, made up of UI elements.

User Flow

A user flow describes the intended series of steps a user needs to take to complete a goal on a product. They often include a

User Experience

The user experience refers to a user’s emotions, attitude, and perceptions about a product, system, or service. In other words, it is how you feel

User-Centered Design

Like the term suggests, user-centered design, or UCD, is an iterative design framework in which users and their needs are always kept at the center

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