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A persona is a representation of our target user. They aren’t necessarily a real individual but are constructed using real information and data based on

Open Source

Anything you stumble upon that is open source is available for public use, and free. You can use it, modify it, and build with it


An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, refers to the essential set of features we can launch a product with to get the ball rolling. This


A term that gets thrown around often in work environments, mockups are static representations of a product. You can’t click through them or interact with


Here’s a popular one these days. Microcopy is everywhere on interfaces. It’s the small bits of text you see on apps or websites that help

Mental Model

A mental model represents what the user believes to be true about a product’s functionality. The more a user’s mental model aligns with a product’s

Grid System

Grids systems are organizational tools that help us arrange content on a screen. They are made up of vertical and horizontal lines that create what


Human-Computer Interaction is a field of study concerned with the design and use of computer technology. It studies how we interact with interfaces and computers

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the practice of arranging content in a product in an understandable manner. It involves organizing the content we interact with, as well

Heat Map

A heat map is a graphical representation of the areas on your product that receive the most user attention. They use a warm-to-cool color spectrum

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