If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time

If you don’t have the money, you’ll have to make the time

But you learned that already, right ?

A bitter-sweet paradox comes up when, at the same time you experience:

A. tearful joy for having an “A-ha!” moment and solving a dilemma, thus clearing a path

B. klingon anger for having the moment so far inside the project’s timeline and having to reallocate resources, reshape the budget and sell another deadline

That’s when you might consider hiring somebody that plays with this all day long. Who’s passion surpasses yours on the user experience matters and has the brains filled less with payroll, sales, marketing and such.

There’s a LOT of data out there and you could become the one you’re after in no time. If you make the time to read, digest and test your assumptions. And cancel your personal impulses.

Now, this may come easy for you and you could be a natural: planning UX requires common sense and consideration for other’s needs and expectations. Or you could be like some of my clients: raising eyebrows when they see the conclusions of the user research and tests.


Being a Product Owner is challenging.

Fitting the pieces together, coming up with new ways to persuade the users that your baby is the one they should consider, joining visions and needs into a solid and yet easy to digest perfect sphere of intelligence is not for everybody. We know that.

It’s kinda like parenthood: you may be pursued by the context to do it but there’s always somebody doing a better job just because they actually enjoy the opportunities and challenges behind it. And you’ll come to know the results when it’s close to impossible to change anything.

Developing  a set of reflexes that include forcing an objective view to filter out the irrelevant data and requests in orde to meet your user expectations and business goals at the same time … might not be as easy as you think.

Trying to focus on yet another perspective of your product is very Very VERY useful.

But can you afford it ?