Less choices empower you

The way I see it it started with CMSs.

It continued with Squarespace & alikes and now, … now we have The Grid. Yo.

The Grid is a whole other kind of animal, part designer, part … AI. Yes, that’s Artificial Intelligence: you have an inhouse designer slash information architect slash magician, choosing what’s best for you based on what you feed it with. And you get a personalized design based on the intel you provided. That’s the gist of the sales pitch.

I read recently how a president’s willpower could be weakened by the fact that (s)he’d have to decide what to eat and wear on a daily basis and he (or she) might not be able to push the big red button if required, at evening time.

I think this would apply as well to your business: you might not be focused enough to make the important calls if you don’t delegate the responsibility and give up control over to a professional to handle your web presence properly.

The Grid will grow and other similar tools will surface and look down upon it. Because it’s far from perfect and it surely can’t replace a fully fledged professional.

However, for some budgets, timelines and expectations, it fits the bill successfully and holds high the  dawn of a new challenge: the designer you can’t convince to nudge the button by two pixels to the right.

One at a time, while offering control the CMSes, Squarespace and now The Grid restrict your options to a minimum, make the web calls on your behalf so you can focus on growing your dreams and provide the quick answer to “We need a bloody website. Yesterday!”

I guess that’s one way to translate the classic “Less is more”.

Feeling empowered ?