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How can I help, you?



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Your idea goes live

Get your solution to market as soon as possible and present your offer in a clear way to investors, partners and customers.


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Grow your product

Deliver efficient and friendly interactions throughout your brand touchpoints to build lasting relationships with your community.


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Spread your vision

Create a plan to align your business goals with customer needs, discovering user pain-points and the opportunities for growth.

There's always room for improvement, we can collaborate to cut costs by repairing interactionssave time for your development teamreduce the amount of support ticketsincrease conversion rate on checkout screensdecrease training time for new peoplespeed up user's workflow and satisfactionreduce errors and friction with featuresgrow loyalty of current customersidentify most used functionalities and prioritize themraise exposure for your brand

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Product Designer

I offer 15+ years of industry practice, focused on understanding human behavior,
ready to help you solve problems using design and seize unique opportunities.

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