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Custormer Journey Mapping

Client & Industry

William Hill is one of the world’s leading betting and gaming companies and also trusted brands in the industry.

Employing more than 17,000 people in nine different countries, they provide their customers with an array of betting and gaming opportunities across multiple channels in shop, online, mobile and telephone which enable them to bet and play wherever, whenever and however they want.

Over the years, they have built a reputation for being knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy.

(adapted from www.williamhillplc.com)

My Role

Almost a year ago my brother, Fjell, was hired by William Hill as a front-end developer and moved to sunny Gibraltar.

I thought I could use this opportunity to get an insight on what the market expects from me and how recruitment process happens in the corporate world.

This is the result of the UX aspect of the challenge I offered to take on: an analysis of the user journey through the mobile website trying to make a bet.


User Experience


  • I wasn’t able to finish the study because I didn’t place an actual bet on the website
  • while the feedback was positive, I wish it were more details to help me improve further
  • the communication was handled via a HR recruiter which was very nice and communicative but was able to provide only so much information


First I thought I should set a reference which I could use to judge my finding against.

So, I gave birth to Mark: a 36 yr old engineer living in London, which has been gambling since he was a student. He’s now married, has a pretty nice income and bets in his spare time using his mobile phone.

I build Mark’s persona using a couple of reports I managed to find online regarding the profile of gamblers, in US and UK, specifically.

After this I studied the website and analyzed the steps leading to using it, starting with awareness and building up to actual engagement via mobile phone.

I tried to capture the thoughts of the user, his (re)actions and highlight the green and red flags of the experience on each available screen in the flow.

As a bonus I offered my personal suggestions on how the UX can be improved.

You can study the full size original document or use the section below to quickly browse through.

Feel free to ask for more details if you’re interested.


While it wasn’t the first time I provided such an analysis for a software application, it was the first I organized visually in such a manner.

I got the chance to explore my mobile oriented “mother-in-law” genes and share my insights with professionals. Based on the feedback that reached me, they were more impressed with my work.

While I don’t fancy much the gambling business, I managed to gather a couple of insights regarding the industry, the main competitors (yes, I studied the competitor’s websites as well) and its way to present information in a concise manner.

If you like my work don’t hesitate to get in touch and share the needs of your project or hire me fulltime.

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