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User research doesn’t end after we ship

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Awareness is like a ping on a radar: he is offering that service, she’s now handling such cases, they are having a sale.

Trust requires more work. It comes from experience: repeated interactions that tell me that your organization does more good than bad, word-of-mouth that you can solve my problem, threads and reviews that discuss issues that I face.

Action is what happens when I actually go and input my digits in your form, I show up to your event, or just offer my time and attention to listen to what only you have to say.
To do this, I must’ve dealt with the fear (uncertainty, price) and decided to do something, to make a change in the status quo.

You are aware you can buy a new laptop, you know it’s worth the effort but don’t end up taking the action. How many are just like you? Action is the difficult part.

Companies, brands, products, are in fact inviting change in our lives. When their proposal seems familiar, safe, we accept. Action happens: it feels right to connect and exchange value.

Ask your clients about their individual struggles like you would a friend. Look for patterns. That’s the puzzle piece that ongoing research brings to the table: the means to build and nurture that connection.

After you developed a decent, usable product, keeping the line wide open with your tribe is key to growth.


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