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Reactive web pages

The concept refers to web pages that adjust their content and interface based on the flow and actions of its visitor, in order to improve the experience of the user and lead to increased conversion rates.

Such a web page would adapt layout, content and design based on:

  • viewing environment (type:phone, tablet, laptop, desktop; location: home, work, park, coffee shop, hypermarket, etc. )
  • user’s flow in the website (order in which pages and content and viewed)
  • its interactions with user interface components such as forms, videos, image galleries, various content containers

The type of reactive interaction would mainly consist of:

  • adding or subtracting content (text, images, videos, forms or form elements) from current or presumed to follow interface
  • modifying colors, font sizes or visual accents
  • adjusting size, order and other coordinates from a predetermined set of variables

The purpose of designing such reactive web pages is tailoring content to match various types of visitors and offer them the best experience possible in order to lead them to satisfaction and eventually sign up for a service, buy a product, recommend it or merely interact with the presented information in a meaningful way.

What do you think about this approach? Do you have any use cases in mind?

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