Staying alive is not a soft skill

The reason I resonate with Mike is because we share of couple of common sense principles and, beyond the design professional point of his presentations, the message successfully touches other professionals and becomes inspiration if not guideline on how to deal with life’s challenges.

I may be developing a mentor like admiration for Mike: he’s got the talent to kick you right in the ass, make you feel bad about what you do and how you do it, and then roughly but surely build you back up, leaving you content about your trade and yourself ultimately, yet inspired to ask for more, grow and do better.

This one is mainly about selling your work and yourself as a professional. Presentation is at least as important as the actual work. Focusing on delivering the best work possible is not enough.The things most of us never heard during school.

“They are releasing designers into the wild who don’t know how to earn a living. Staying alive is not a soft skill.”

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