I invest in bold business ideas
As a consultant and designer, my goal for the past decade has been to ease the path for companies to connect with each customer on a deeper level, in meaningful ways.


I'm familiar with your species

You have an idea that can change the world for the better! It’s so clear in your mind you could 3D print it right now. Except there’s not printer for businesses. Or is it?

Yet, when you share it with others, they usually raise their eyebrow and sigh: they don’t understand a thing.

In order to sell it to partners, investors, employee and most important, clients you’d have to pack it properly.

But you can’t do that all on your own. Or you could, but wouldn’t it be a more pleasant journey if you didn’t have to be an octopus? That’s where I step in.


Do you need a key partner?

We’re not all cut from the same cloth and we don’t have to grow businesses the same way either.

Business values and ethics can bring us closer and together we can do more, easier and faster.

I invest in passionate, underrepresented founders and provide them with affordable strategy and design solutions to help them reach their goals.

Here’s what I ‘m looking for:


I’m open to everyone.

But there’s a special place in my heart for female, minority, disabled and family-owned businesses.



I’m here to build real relationships with real people.

Connect with founders that realize that together the journey goes smoother.



I want to make sure you understand the value strategy and design can have on your roadmap.

my offer

I take an equity stake in your startup

In exchange, I provide you with the full range of my expertise to take your digital product or service to the next level.


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