Why Max?

Different & unique in user experience

There are plenty of ways to solve a problem and there are tens of thousands of UX [rotatortext style=”custom1″ color=”black” tag=”strong” text=”designers, architects, developers, ninjas, stars, magicians”] out there, smiling at your business.
Plenty of them with way more experience or a more relevant background than Max. Why would you pick me ?

Well … don’t!

You see, I enjoy collaborations that imply less friction and something I call “convergent fluidity”. That means essentially that we enjoy each other’s company and perspectives, we join forces and work together to reach that special goal and by hiring me you’re not settling.

We act as a team and sighs, ego and compromise leave the room so that quality, focus and passion would take the lead and succeed.

Professional insights

A large portion of my experience was focused on intranets, portals and data heavy interfaces that would present lots of intel and help people make the right choices. That helped me layout and prioritize information way before “mobile first” came into play.

Secondly, I had the chance to grow in the conversion rate optimization area by creating a lot of product & service oriented websites, with dedicated landing pages based on the communication channels used by the clients. And that’s how I learned to shape information and emphasize accents in different ways, based on the target public.

Super powers

My forte is empathy. I can comfortably  fill in the shoes of your end users and see the world through their eyes. And tell you “that flow really sucks” and it will cause so much frustration that they’ll end up not using that functionality that you worked on for over six months.

Because they do not understand it, because it’s not well implemented or merely because they do not need it as much as you expected.


Dual, balanced view upon a matter – able to see and understand both sides.


I ask all those questions that offer a holistic view upon your product.


Lazy enough to seek and come up with light and elegant solutions


To teaching and sharing knowledge and information, experience and wisdom.

Festina Lente

I don’t rush things and cut corners to finish quickly. But I do deliver on time.


It often happens that I spot alternative solutions and original approaches.


I take the time and energy necessary to cover most if not all the angles.


I am passionate about my work and get deeply involved in projects.


I listen carefully your ideas and explore your perspective to grasp your vision.

What you are after is not Max or some certain guy that has an awesome folio or has been recommended to you by a dear friend of your sister-in-law’s baby sitter. You want that somebody that can and will take the time to understand your business and produce relevant results, that resonates with your goals and the available means and is not afraid to tell you what needs to be done.