My UX Process

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It often happens that the solution you want implemented only manages to suppress the symptoms of a deeper pain.

Allow me to find out more about that pain and cure it properly.

Here’s how I do it:

I ask plenty of questions about your goals, market positioning, communication channels, competition, classic client profile, and other similar serious nonsense.

I listen patiently for the answers, ponder, research and then carefully craft tasty user experiences and the accompanying interfaces for them.

I conduct stakeholder interviews to determine goals and expectations, user research and a competitive audit offer me the needs of the target public, leading to the development of a persona. Or more.

User stories, mood boards, and journey maps define how the user would interact with the product. We plan the structure and catalog the content that will be published, making sure it responds to use cases and scenarios.

Wireframes and prototypes come to bind the elements together in a decent, usable interface which will help us verify assumptions via A/B tests, surveys, usability & even eye-tracking tests.

Adjust and then proceed to the visual design phase while elaborating the style guides and specifications for the project. We then pour “just a drizzle” of user testing to make sure we’re on the right track.

My User Centered Design UX process in 7 steps