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UX Myth Busting Cafe

UX Myth Busting Cafe was my approach towards an open chat regarding how UX is perceived by different layers of the product/service development ecosystem, from students (interns, juniors), to developers that might have considered a leading UXD role in their teams and up to Product owners and entrepreneurs looking towards UX with a raised eyebrow.

The presentation pertains mostly to perspectives regarding what requires attention when it comes to introducing UXD in your organization or considering UXD as a professional path, perception versus the reality in the field.

CodeCamp Iasi 2016, spring edition was the playground that offered the opportunity to gather and talk about those myths and the gateway to meeting smart, passionate and altogether awesome people from Iasi and not only.

If you weren’t among those that attended my presentation you’re welcome to peek at the slides and share your insight should you feel like it.

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