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As a freelance designer, my goal for the past 5 years has been to ease the path for companies to connect with each client, in meaningful ways.

On a personal level, I’m always seeking better questions to ask by diving into behavior economics, neuroscience and psychology.

What drives you?

Simplicity and clarity make the road ahead, easier. Since they’re not always within reach, I also know first hand what needs to be done to reach them.

I’m not afraid to challenge ideas, ask hard questions and even disrupt the industry status quo in the right company.

I research, design, and develop bespoke solutions tailored to each of my discerning client’s business needs while keeping in mind what yields value for their clients.

I’ll talk straight, operate with  transparency and communicate honestly. However, it takes team work to make sure your project is executed on time, on budget, and right, the first time. So I expect the same from you.

When you work with me, you’re talking directly to the strategist, the maker. I look forward to become a valuable part of your team, fully invested in the success of your business as a reliable long-term partner. Will you have me?

Inspired by differences, driven by questions.


People fulfilling their potential with clarity and passion

Because the right tools are within reach.

Often times we feel the need to choose between profit and quality, money and ethics, short term wins and delayed but stable structures. And that erodes our will to enjoy life to the fullest.

Not being led by fear enables us to affect the change and shape the world we dream of.

When we do what we enjoy, and serve others with our energy, expertise and passion, that is when we are the best version of ourselves.


Empower you to build better products that allow clients
to reach their goals

Forging a new path is quite a journey: doubts, worries, resistance and often times, based on my talks with entrepreneurs, loneliness.

Sometimes we win, and sometimes we learn how not to fail. You need all the help you can get, because success is not promised.

Allow me to be the sidekick that joins you on the quest to deliver for your clients a better life. Fight the odds, reduce doubt and find a way.

When they find value in what you build, that is when they will join your valiant quest to change the world for the better.


Keep me on track, even if the light seems far

always be learning

Keeps me on top of the game and allows me to grow an open mind to innovative ideas.

assume your responsibility

I make mistakes, but owning them leaves room for fixes and improvement.

promote optimism

I prefer to focus on how to make things work and it leaves less time to complain about what doesn’t.

be authentic

Embracing my unique mix of skills helped me keep my passion alive and find it easier to adapt to changes.

seek harmony & clarity

With clear skies on sight, I can focus on how to improve and offer my best to any challenge.


When I'm not online

I explore how people make decisions, enjoy discovering wonderous details by taking macro shots with my smartphone, collect fragrances and metal keychains, learn to play the alto saxophone to annoy my neighbours and welcome a heart pumping challenge for a squash match.

I always say yes to a chat about the future Star Trek or Detroit: Become Human promises, and mixing dark Belgian beer and Futurama doesn’t bother me at all.

How about you?

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