Hi, I'm Max!

Meet your digital designer

Inspired by outliers, driven by questions

In this day and age, many companies build digital products just because they can or they think they should. Quite a few choose to do it because it furthers their mission and expands their WHY in a meaningful way.

I research, design, and develop bespoke solutions for each of my insightful clients’ goals.

To surface key details, I challenge core perspectives and ask sharp questions. Here’s one to get us going:

What yields true value for your customers? What specific problem do you solve for them? What is the emotional benefit of using your product? Why should they trust your solution over the competitor?

Ionuț (Max) Maxim
Digital Experiences Architect

Experiences & Skillset

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Human & Partner



Experiences & Skillset

experience architect

I’ll talk straight, operate with transparency and communicate honestly.

So I expect the same from you.  It takes teamwork to make sure your project is executed on time, on budget, and right, the first time. 

When you work with me, you’re talking directly to the strategist, the designer. There’s no cookie cutting, no outsourcing, and I look forward to becoming a valuable part of your team. 

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Experience Architect

max | Human Experience Design


Full-Stack Designer



Senior Web Designer & Local Team Leader

iXLd Media Inc.


Web Designer



Freelance Web Designer

ab4 Media



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Human & Partner​


I see people fulfilling their potential

With clarity and passion because the right tools are within reach.

Often we feel the need to choose between profit and quality, money and ethics, short-term wins, and delayed but sound structures. And that erodes our will to enjoy life to the fullest.

Not being led by fear enables us to affect the change and shape the world we dream about.

When we do what we enjoy and serve others with our energy, expertise, and passion, that is when we are the best version of ourselves.


I Design value bridges between humans,
in a digital world

I surface authentic needs and goals to ensure sustainable connections.

Forging a new path is quite the journey: doubts, worries, resistance, and often, I found out from entrepreneurs, loneliness.

Sometimes we win, and sometimes all we do is learn how not to fail. You need all the help you can get because success is not promised.

Allow me to be the sidekick who joins you on the quest to deliver a better life for your clients. Fight the odds, reduce doubt and find a way.

When they find value in what you build, that is when they will join your bold quest to change the world for the better. That’s what we’re all trying to do here.


Keeping me true, when the road is darker

Keeps me on top of the game and allows me to grow an open mind to innovative ideas.
I make mistakes, but owning them leaves room for fixes and improvement.
Embracing my unique mix of skills helped me keep my passion alive and find it easier to adapt to changes.

I prefer to focus on how to make things work and it leaves less time to complain about what doesn’t.

With clear skies on sight, I can focus on how to improve and offer my best to any challenge.

Things that make me smile

I explore how people make decisions, enjoy discovering wonderous details by taking macro shots with my smartphone, collect fragrances and metal keychains, learn to play the alto saxophone to annoy my neighbors, and welcome a heart-pumping challenge for a squash match.

I always say yes to a chat about the future Star Trek TNG or Detroit: Become Human promises, and mixing dark Belgian beer and Futurama doesn’t bother me.

Khao soi is the best stop for comfort food, and I’m not a stranger to working with 90s Eurodance blasting in the background.

Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness made me feel at home and empowered as a designer to go the extra mile and provide for my clients.

How about you?